You can still register for TACNA at the host hotel on Friday, Feb 16, 2024

Saturday Night Banquet


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Email Money Transfer

Email Money Transfer is the most cost effective way to register for the convention. There are no additional fees incurred outsiide your normal banking fees. But, remember, after you have registered using Email Money Transfer, you must forward the full amount via etransfer to:
Available until Feb 14, 2024
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Credit Card Payment

Use your major credit card to secure your online registration. There is a small fee built into the rates to cover costs associated with online rates and fees. You can avoid the surcharge by paying by the email money transfer offered to the left.
Available until Feb 14, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this section may help to answer any questions you might have about registering for the Toronto Area Convention as well as what to expect at the convention

Is the convention free to attend?

The Toronto Area Convention is badge only event.  To access the convention area you must be wearing a convention badge.  These badges are included with an advanced online registration package or onsite during the convention weekend 

What Is Included in a registration package

The two primary types of registrations available; Basic & Full Package. The Basic Registration includes some small items such as a convention badge and lanyard. This allows you access to all recovery meetings but not to "paid events" such as food and entertainment. Merchandise is also sold seperately.

Can I add an item to a registration I previously purchased?

Absolutely!  You can purchase one or more of the many items available online at any time prior to the convention.  However, keep in mind banquet and breakfast tickets will not be available after August 15, 2023.  Other items are available in limited quanities and when sold out will no longer be available.  It would be best to make all purchases as early as possible.

Can I pay with a US$ credit card or debit card?

When paying with a US credit card your financial institution will automatically adjust your payment to reflect the current US/Canada exchange rate and may charge additional fees. Your financial institution will determine if you are able to use a US debit card.

Can I pay by cheque?

We will accept certified cheques, bank drafts and money orders in CAN$. Please include a registration form and mail it to:
Toronto Area Convention of NA, P.O. Box 5700, Depot “A”, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1N8